AR. JEFFERY CHEAH, Principal and Managing Director
B. Sc. (Merit)
B. Arch. (Hons.) Uni. of Newcastle

Jeffery Cheah studied architecture in Australia, and have had the opportunity to work in the office of reputable architectural practices from 1987 to 1991 before returning to Malaysia. Soon after having worked two years for Veritas Architect in Kuala Lumpur, Jeffery Cheah founded Zone Architect in April 1993 and was incorporated and registered with the Board of Architects of Malaysia.

ZONE initially undertook projects in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Pahang, Perak, Seremban and Penang. In the year 2002, ZONE undertook its first overseas project in China with a local Malaysian developer. Since the initial overseas project, ZONE has had the opportunity to carry out design work in multiple countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Abu Dhabi and Dubai office branch was established in 2007, to tap into the Middle East market. During that period, Jeffery Cheah was instrumental is getting the branch office fully set-up and market for work in the region. The Abu Dhabi office managed to secure a substantial volume of work which contributed to the firms growth. With 20 years experience as an architect, he has wide exposure handling hands on projects from housing schemes, high rise towers, specialist manufacturing plants, master planning, Interior design and hotel resorts. His experience in handling projects and clients from the Asia-Pacific region as well as the middle east, he brings to the design process a breadth of design which can be tailored to the requirements of the site and client.

His passion has always laid with the integrating IT usage and the architectural profession. Towards that end he has been involved with numerous task force and projects that allowed local authorities to be ready to accept electronic e-Submissions.